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Have to wake up for work in six hours so...I get online. Yeah!   
12:38am 10/01/2010
mood: happy
The school rave was tonight. Overall, REALLY fun. I definitely will go to the spring one if we do multiple ones this year. The good and the bad:

The bad:
Douchebags. They kept coming into our dance circle JUST to be assholes. So...Grace went and kicked one of them in the ass. And Luna kicked another one of them. Lol.
The music. I was promised more techno than last year. Probably half of what they played tonight was rap. I didn't mind some of it, but the point IS techno, guys
The dancing. There is no reason you should be grinding to Basshunter or Barbie Girl. So don't.
Concession prices. They more than doubled in less than a year. 50 cent pop is now $2!

The good:
Laura won the best costume competition.
The photographer loved our group and he took a bunch of pictures of us.
Single Ladies. I'm a huge Glee fangirl and my favorite character is Kurt. In one episode, he did the dance, got the football team to dance it too, and used the routine to help him kick a field goal and win the football game
They played techno requests multiple times. Kayla and I both requested Sandstorm. And it got played twice =D
The rape whistle. Casey brought one and every now and then during a song he would blow it to a rhythm. He's musical, so it actually sounded really cool. And then we all cheered him on <3
The nearby Claire's added a neon section because of the rave, and the store is in another town!
They played the real Dragostea Din Tei (Numa Numa). Not the shitty American remix that tries to be rap. Urgh.
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I decided to listen to Christmas music just now, but realized I only have one Xmas song   
01:49pm 25/12/2009
mood: bored
So...I celebrated the holidays YESTERDAY. Cause I'm really fucking cool like that. My dad had to work today...Last night, we went to Kayla's house and celebrated with her, her mom, and her aunt (who was visiting from Columbus). My presents are:
New laptop...one of the small ones. From my parents
Portable laptop table from Kayla and her mom
Finale Songwriter (sheet music program) from my parents
iHome (my iHome broke a couple months ago) from my parents
Portable iPod speakers from my parents
Fingerless gloves from Grace

Kayla/her mom gave my mom Apples to Apples (which is total awesomeness because I've wanted that game forever). My dad REALLY wanted the Glee soundtrack for Christmas and I didn't know what to get my mom. They each ended up with the Glee soundtrack, but each of them got a different half of it. The funny thing is, both of my parents were involved in picking out gifts for the other one. So, my mom bought Glee pt 1 and my dad got Glee pt 2. And I'm a bigger fan of the show than both of them, so that was just epic win for me XD

My dad got a shitload of DVDs too. Some of them are movies I want to see...

But at this point I'm just waiting to go to my Aunt's house. We weren't invited but my grandma called my dad crying. My grandpa's Alzheimer is getting really bad. He got dressed this morning, and then forgot he was wearing clothes so he put another outfit on over what he was already wearing. Then he forgot he was wearing clothes AGAIN and put a third set of clothes on. She's really upset and wants us to celebrate Christmas with the family despite the fact that my mom and dad are pissed at my aunt still. Over the stupidest thing too. I mean, I understand why they're upset but GET OVER IT. She bought a Toyota....MONTHS ago. -____-

My dad'll be home from work around four and we were invited to his co-worker's house for Christmas dinner (she's one of the few girls at Ford, she lives right down the street and they carpool to work all the time). Since my uncle un-invited us from Christmas at his house-my other grandma (the insane one) doesn't want to see us-we took my dad's friend up on her offer. I had dinner at her house a couple days after thanksgiving. She's REALLY nice. So, I dunno what else to write. I guess I'm gonna end this entry now

Random update   
09:42am 23/12/2009
mood: bored
Not too much going on right now. A guy named Eric that none of you know had a link to his updated blog on facebook. This made me want to update my livejournal. Problem is I dunno what to write. Erm, I forgot to tell Amanda when I replied to her comment that if you look "Nijidancers" up on youtube you can find us.

So, it's Christmas eve eve. I need someone to hang out with today because I've spent the last two days alone and it's boring. I'll call Grace around eleven and if she's not free I'll call Eric (erm, not the one I mentioned at the beginning of this post). They're both going back to college soon so it makes sense to hang out with them. Going to Adrienne's at four, and after that Kayla's sleepover. It's a two-part birthday party...Adrienne's birthday was Dec 19 and Kayla's was yesterday. I think we're opening Christmas presents tomorrow because my dad's working Christmas day. I still have to wrap my mom's gift. Not much else to say...Gonna hop off now. <3
It's a Kags!   
10:01am 18/10/2009
  My email got hacked (or at least a pathetic excuse for hacked-they didn't even change my password). It's the stupid one I don't care about, so I'm just logging into a bunch of accounts and changing their email addresses. Deleting alchemiotaku@yahoo.com because it's sending bad links to people. Anyways, I figured while I was on I'd post something. Because I need to be on more often

Well, for those of you who don't know, I'm in a dance group called "Niji". We performed at Shinbokucon's cosplay dance yesterday. When we finished the con chair told us she needed us, and she hired us on the spot to come to Shinbokucon as guests in April. We are officially the first guests, but she said Vic Mignogna's going to be an official guest very shortly. She also said "I don't think the roleplayers' association will have a problem with hiring you guys. But if they do mind, Anime Society will hire you from our money."

They had a cosplay competition after that. Benson won first place for "Best Male Costume" and his prize was a $25 gift certificate for Regal Cinemas. He invited Laura and I to go with him sometime soon so we could all spend the prize. The runner up for male costume was Tony, and he won a $10 Burger King gift card (apparently those exist...). He doesn't like burger king, so he gave it to me.

So that's the short version. But it was a really epic night. O_o
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Haven't updated since prom, have I? ._.   
10:03am 20/07/2009
  Yeah, I've sucked at using LJ for the past year, haven't I? Sorry I don't update much these days. So there's a ton of stuff going on now!

Dance time! It's really exciting. I'm in an eight person dance group that has a pretty good chance of getting hired by an anime convention (even if it's just a small one-day con, it's still awesome!). Each of us has a lolita dress that's a certain color of the rainbow, to take after our name "Niji". The colors are as follows
Pink=Me! =D
Black=Laura/Spaghetti (yeah, I know black's not a color. But nobody in our group really cares).
But like I said, Shinbokucon might be hiring us. They're doing an October dance, and they might want us for that too. They mentioned payment of some sort, and I told the rest of the group how I feel about that. It's a small convention and they don't charge people admission or anything. If we ask for anything, I don't think we should ask anymore than gas money. And, since we live 10-15 minutes away from the convention, that wouldn't be much at all. So we've been practicing pretty much everyday for this. Each of us runs different dances, and we each have our jobs in the group. I'm in charge of the emergency kit: needle and thread in case a dress rips at the convention, a stain stick, stuff like that. I am also going to run the official website, since it was my idea and I was like "I /really/ want to do this!". We're doing our tryout video the third week of August, probably at my house. We won't have our dresses by then (which we told the person we're contacting from Shinbokucon), and we'll probably be wearing black pants with a shirt that's our dress color. Oh, I almost forgot! This is what my dress looks like
I will not have the shoes, and I have every intention of not wearing the headpiece. But those are the socks I want and everything! I also have another outfit I'm designing in my head, and will use my sewing skills to complete. I'll be buying a black blouse, making a pink skirt with a lot of lace, and I have socks and shoes in mind that I already own to make most of the costume. After that, it's just using Hot Topic and Claires to get accessories. I plan on making my own lace headpieces for BOTH outfits. I'm getting two for the event of any three day cons we go to, or if something happens to my dress. And I just really want to make one xD

Letsee, what else's been going on? Luna went to karate nationals in Florida, and just got back last night. She won two gold metals and a silver metal. So she's the national champion of weapon and something else. There was a party waiting for her when she arrived at her house. She was really happy, and that made me really happy too.

That's pretty much everything that's going on right now. I'll try to update soon, but no promises. Baiz for now.
I'm really tired, but I don't feel like sleeping   
04:32am 17/05/2009
mood: tired
It's 4:33am. I just got home from afterprom a few minutes ago...if anything i say doesn't make sense sorry. Prom was fun....held at Brown's Stadium this year. Nice room, but too small. I spent most of my time sitting down which is probably good cause I screwed up my ankle two weeks ago and it's still fucked up. Grace tried to make Cat's date watch yaoi on her iPod...This one girl I'm starting to become friends with has a stalker, but I figured she was exagerating...turns out he dated and abused one of my friends...sounds like a creep from what I've heard. But whatever. Afterprom was fun. One of my friends was really drunk and asked me to do weed with her sometime. I was like "...no, but thanks anyway?" Afterprom was at an arcade which is pwnage for me. I used the tickets I won to get iPod speakers and a skull pillow. Then I got one of those chinese finger trap things cause it was only 10 and I loved those things when I was younger. They're still amusing.
Why can't I be happy she's safe?   
07:15pm 22/04/2009
  I just found out today that Sarah's okay. Two weeks ago, she left home and nobody had heard from her after that. She's living in West Virginia with her boyfriend. And she's very happy now. But something doesn't quite add up. I guess she got in a fight with her dad, and she says she can't remember what it was about. I think there's stuff she's not telling me...one fight with her dad shouldn't mean leaving her friends and moving to another state. And she said she's glad to be away from her dad now. I know it's none of my business, so I'm not going to get myself involved. If Sarah's not telling me something, then it's her decision if I know and I'll wait for her to explain.

But I don't know why I feel worse now, knowing she's not in Ohio. I mean, it's more important that she has a place to stay, food to eat, and all of that important stuff. But I just can't feel happy for her. And I can't understand why.
Been a while   
02:03pm 19/04/2009
  Went to Shinbokucon this weekend. My cosplay was Mio Hio from DNAngel. We did Caramelldansen on stage, and I also did Hare Hare Yukai and the Lucky Star dance just for fun in the cosplay meet-up room. I bought a mini-top hat, a Sukuraido DVD (it was only $6), Shroom from Mario earrings, a small FMA keychain, two random non-anime pins, and I won two manga...something Marionette. We asked people what they would do for Pocky. Someone started break dancing, someone did a flip off of a wall, and another person conjagated a verb. Laura screamed "FREE POCKY" and a ton of people swarmed her. Also, we did the chorus part to Caramelldansen in the middle of Artist Alley/the cafeteria and hangout place and half of the people in the room joined us. Grace glomped a gay yaoi fanboy. Uhm...a lot of other stuff happened too but I can't remember and I don't have a lot of time right now. There was a Kanti (FLCL) cosplayer. And a No Face (Spirited Away). That's about it for now...yeah.

Oh, and Matt, I downloaded the Butterfly Effect EP and Pheonix about a month or two ago. They're awesome.
04:11pm 17/03/2009
  happy birthday Matt!

Happy St. Patty's day everyone else
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10:10pm 14/02/2009
mood: annoyed blah
Not much to say. Valentine's Day sucks. I fucking hate my mom right now. Gotta go
Long time, no update   
03:40pm 27/01/2009
mood: excited
At the library, updating from my iPod touch. Interesting weekend. Went to Grace Taller's surprise birthday party. After that, I went to her house to pick out glowsticks for the winter dance (the theme was a rave) and then we went to Goodwill and found shirts for our outfits. Got ready at her house. It was supposed to be a rave, but they played more rap than techno. It was still fun tho. They played DotA by Basshunter and I was like "I have to tell wynd, she used to be obsessed with this song."

Went to the junior meeting for band the next day. I'm going to be a music librarian next year and I'm also planning a super soaker fight for during band camp. Orchestra pit starts next week.
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Pixilated death <3   
12:33pm 13/01/2009
mood: amused
Semester exams for the next three days. Only had exams for the first two classes today, and hung out with my friends in the cafeteria for about an hour into the third and final exam. We started talking about Audra flirting. The two quotes I found funniest were:

"Can you take my bra off?" (to a cashier at WalMart)
"What instrument do you play? ...that's one of the big ones right? I LOVE big instruments." (to a college music major)

Then we had a healthy conversation about killing people in different PC games. I like killing people in fires in the Sims, but drowning works too. I also deleted the only baby I ever had in the first one (go cheats /o/). In Black and White, I like throwing people and/or letting my creature eat them. And, even though it doesn't always result in death, throwing large rocks at the village is always fun. Lastly, in Roller Coaster Tycoon, it's fun to take a person who hates your park, put them on grass and raise the ground quickly so they end up falling into hell. Yay <3
Avon Lake rage!   
06:04pm 06/01/2009
mood: stressed
The first paragraph is a rant, so if you don't feel like reading it, just skip it.

Today I found out that our school schedules for next year are due this Friday. Talk about short notice. The most annoying part? I found out from another student. We were supposed to find out from out teachers. The problem is that I only have five teachers (have two teachers for a couple periods a day). All of which, apparently, assumed we had found out from other teachers. Could that be any more unorganized?! It would be find if I had two more years, then it wouldn't be such big decisions. But next year is my last year, and therefore I need to figure out what I have room for, what I don't, and what classes I need to take to graduate. Which, by the way, I hear like ten different things every year for what's mandatory and what's just for honors graduation. GAH! I know I'm over reacting and stressing, but I can't do this tonight-my computer's next to useless and my dad's using the desktop-and tomorrow I'll barely be home and then Thursday's the last day I have to do this. If I could just print the class list and requirements off tonight, I could look at it tomorrow during my study hall. But I doubt I'll be able to do that. And finals are next week and this is the first year I don't get an equation sheet for math, so I have to re-memorize everything I've learned, and then I have to try to memorize a bunch of facts for Brit Lit because I need a really good grade on that final, and then there's the Health exam. So half my tests are going to be hard. Next semester's exams will be easier, since math is my only hard full year class (final wise, anyways). I know I'm stressing over school, which I NEVER do, and I should calm down, but why the fuck is everything at the same time!? They've always done scheduling in March (at least, I'm pretty sure), so it's STUPID to move it to January and not tell students!

Then there's the virus. Which I'm honestly not all that worried about, especially now. Someone I talk to a lot in my study hall said he could fix it. When he asked me if any of my documents were important, I knew he was talking about reinstalling XP. I'll ask him to help me with that at the library in the next couple days (thank god for laptops!).

Which leaves me with a question for Mattmess: Do you remember that background you sent me? I think it was a while back...like nearly a year ago. It was black and had a flower that almost looked like it was glowing white. Do you still have that? Cause I really liked it and it got lost when a flash drive broke and I want to use it as my background when my lappy is fixed. Thanks ^^;;
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Stolen from kupo   
10:02am 04/01/2009
mood: tired
End of the year! Post the first sentence from your first blog in each month.

January: School starts tomorrow

February: There was something that happened, but I forgot what it was.

March: Today is the choir concert.

April: I had to hang out with Audra.

May: I know he's not avoiding me...

June: So, I saw this MONTHS ago.

July: So, I get home from band practice and my dad tells me Sean stopped by to say he was sorry to hear my dad was dead.

August: That subject is /not/ my feelings, just something someone said a minute ago that made me lol'd

September: I really want to read Saikano again, hence the DP, but I just don't have time right now.

October: Seven years ago, he graduated.

November: No school today, playing zOMG! ((That was my entire first post for November, too!))

December: Brittany likes Grace, Grace likes Brittany and I like Grace.

I feel like doing a bunch of memes now, so I'll probably do a few today xD

Just got back from the trip last night, will update later
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What I got for Xmas (in the past few weeks)   
11:16am 25/12/2008
mood: excited
Guitar Hero: World Tour
Buckeyes (my favorite type of candy <3)
$25 gift certificate for Old Navy
A new jacket and a tshirt
Socks from Hot Topic-which is funny because I almost bought the same pair the other day xD
iPod touch
The 2nd Chronicles of Narnia movie (I went to a midnight showing and ended up falling asleep, so I haven't /really/ seen it yet)
Some Wii game I've never heard of
Noise canceling headphones
A total of $70
Handmade bracelet (Kayla's good at making jewelry)
Candle, decorated with a ^.^ face
Glass bird ornament
I feel like I'm forgetting to mention a few things =(

I haven't done my Christmas shopping for friends yet. Talk about beyond last minute~ But I did get Grace a bag for $1 at Hot Topic (a few posts back, I also have one) because she said she really wanted it and I was at the place anyways.

Need to finish packing for the Marching band trip, I'm leaving tonight. AND I WANNA PLAY GUITAR HERO WHY IS MY DAD WATCHING A MOVIE??!?!? ;~;
Xmas Eve Eve   
01:18am 24/12/2008
mood: annoyed
Kayla's really starting to irritate me. She's saying she's annoyed with the fact that "all her friends are gay". Which means all her friends are straight except two bi chicks and someone who's probably a lesbian. Three people. Out of more than six. Her only good argument was that if everyone starts dating each other it will ruin friendships. But most of us are mature enough to get past that. Just about all of us are still good friends with people we've dated in the past...with the exception of people who treated us like shit while we were dating them (me and Steve, Laura and Blaze, that's all that comes to mind at 1:30am). So that arguement only goes so far.

But the part I don't like is how she said at the sleepover that I would do something while she was sleeping. When I told her she knows I'm not like that, she responded "Oh, please, I know you." and she was being serious. It's like...the fact that I might be gay matters more than the fact that she's known me for six years. So what if I like girls? It doesn't mean I want to have sex with you and it sure as hell doesn't mean I'm going to rape you in your sleep. And she claimed we're going to try to hook up with her. I seriously told her I'm not interested in her in that way and she doesn't understand that liking chicks doesn't mean liking one of your best friends (necessarily, I realize I like one of my friends!) She's actually starting to offend me.

On a happy note, I got more hair extensions today. Turquoise, purple, and my dad made me get platinum blond extensions (so I can wear extensions for more dressy stuff where unnatural colored hair isn't accepted).
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I don't even have eight people who regularly read my LJ o_O   
06:05pm 21/12/2008
mood: bored
A) People who have been tagged must write their answers in their LJ and replace any question that they dislike with a new, original question.

B) Tag eight people. Don't refuse to do that. Don't tag who tagged you.
I'm tagging: countalpicola , demetrious , elyscape , fangirls_abyss , killing_rose , oxxcarelessxxo, sakimo , wyndhamheart .

What (is)/are your nicknames?
Kagome, Kags, Katya, Kat, Lyn, Kait, KaitBait (...don't ask >>; )

How do you style your hair?
I usually wear it up...the style varies daily. Usually have in my red extensions

What's the last book you read?
Daughter of the Blood by Anne Bishop

What color shirt are you wearing now?

What is your favorite swear word?
Prick, but I don't get to use it a lot =(

What was your comfort object as a baby and/or child?
A stuffed dog named Missy

Do you nap a lot?

Who was the last person you hugged?
Someone in the motorcycle group, not sure exactly who, they all wanted hugs ._.

What's your current fandom/obsession/addiction?
Guitar Hero, The Abridged Series

What was the last thing you ate today?

How long does it take you to get ready in the morning?
Usually about an hour, since I listen to the radio

What websites do you visit daily?
Gaiaonline and LJ

Do you have any pets?
Two poodles, Belle and Claire

Do you like to clean?
Fuck no

What's the last song that got stuck in your head?
Forsaken by Within Temptation

What best describes you or inspires you right - wait for it - NOW?
Music...like piano sheets and stuff

What is your favorite weather?
Summer rain, with wind

What do you want for Christmas?
Guitar Hero World Tour, but I know I'm getting that =D

Where would you see yourself in ten years?
I see myself as 26. Don't know the rest.
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03:15pm 20/12/2008
mood: annoyed
Why the fuck is it that I find AWESOME piano sheets and it's the ONE site I've found that charges money. Urgh! .v.
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Grace: I have an Orlando update   
08:54pm 18/12/2008
mood: okay
When I got home, my mom told me Audra's no longer going to Hilton Head with us, and it's possible they aren't going on the trip at all. But here's the thing:

To my understanding, if Audra still goes to Orlando with the band, Kayla's going to be in her room. She apparently volunteered herself.

Audra's mom blames ME for this whole thing. I don't really care what she thinks of me, but it's just stupid. She basically told Audra that she did absolutely nothing wrong and that I was being a bitch, I guess. I don't want Audra on the trip, but I think it's just melodramatic and retarded that she's not going because I told her "If you're not willing to try to be easier to get along with, we don't wanna room with you". But I'm glad Audra hates me now ^^

Just figured I'd let you know about Kayla, I just found out.

For those of you who aren't in our marching band...aka everyone else, long story short is that nobody wanted Audra in their hotel room while we're in Florida (just a week away from now). The band director decided to make a room of 5-instead of 4-and let her pick her room. She said she wanted to room with us and he said "okay", and we weren't asked if we were okay with it. I tried to talk to him about how we don't want her in our room and he wouldn't help us. The next day, me and Grace (Brittany goes to a vocational school, and Kayla doesn't want to be part of any of the drama) tried to talk to her. Summary of the conversation:

"We don't want to room with you because you can be annoying and you're not always that nice to us. We just want everyone to enjoy the trip, and if that's going to happen things need to change"
"If you don't want to room with me, get yourself moved. I'm not going anywhere."

So we both contacted our parents-who were aware of what was going on-and they sent emails to him. We went to talk to him that afternoon, and he told us "the problem is taken care of, Audra is out of your room". That's basically it, and that was really the shortest form I could give you >>
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Pit's mad   
09:34pm 15/12/2008
mood: annoyed
So, now I'm a member of two pits: Front ensemble in marching and orchestra pit for the spring musical. What I am going to talk about here is orchestra pit. For those of you who don't know about it, we're the band that plays under the stage during the musical.

So, the last week has been conductor tryouts. Matt and Chris were the ones competing to be conductor. How that works is, a bunch of us students got together and were given concert band pieces, picked out by Chris and Matt. Chris picked a Titanic Medley and Matt chose an easy, 5th grade piece. Then each of them worked with us. Whoever did the best job with running the band and having the piece sound great would win. There were several judges...the one to know about is Jake.

Jake was field commander (aka conductor) for marching band last year. He graduated.

So, after each of them showed the judges what they could do for about 5-10 minutes, the rest of us left and got the pizza that had been bought for us. Obviously, most conversations were about who would be conductor. I could tell something was off when Sarah J. (a flute player) said "I've known who would make is since Thursday." After all, if she knew days ago, why did we have tryouts? Then a rumor started going around that Jake was going to be the conductor. A few minutes later, Chris confirmed it.

A lot of us were pissed. Most people were upset because it had been a waste of the last three hours, not to mention the Tuesday practice last week. I wasn't really angry, but I thought it was really wrong to do to Chris and Matt. They worked really hard, and there was never even a chance either of them would make it. Trevor (plays saxophone) pointed out it was good practice for them, since both want to be professional conductors. He had a point, but I responded that nobody should have gotten their hopes up just to shoot them down...yeah, stuff like that would happen in real life, but not that deliberately. Most of our music group says they won't do pit, because just about all of us thing Jake and whoever else is in charge went about it the entirely wrong way. A few of us still plan on doing it though

The good news is that...apparently Chris, Matt and Ryan promised several people they'd be in pit...which they can't do because there's tryouts. So Jake was like "you guys are all in pit, but if one of us feels you're falling behind, you'll have to try out.". So I'm technically in pit now /o/